04 October 2008

here's a little look at my life these days. (in pictures, of course). :)

this is my cuddle buddy while my husband is away. hehe.
my cuddle buddy

this is what occupies my time most weekends lately.. coloring, abcs, making centers with beans (and other classroom things), trying to read my new magazines that came in the mail (real simple - it's a good one!) :)
my life these days.

lots of baby cards and packages are sent from japan these days, as almost all of our married friends are in the next phase of life. :) (don't worry, not us yet!) we are excited for them and wish we could be a little closer to all the fun!
one of my new favorites

i get bored easily at night while i'm by myself.... hence silly pictures like this:

it's finally starting to feel like fall, and i'm hoping before too long i can wear this great vest my husband bought me before he left! :) he's super sweet because he isn't really a fan of vests (i am!) but he knew i liked this one, so he got it for me anyway! i sure do miss my thoughtful hubby.
looking forward...

so that's a look at life in japan for kristi right now. my kindergartners are certainly keeping me on my toes and i come home pretty pooped out every day, but so thankful for something to keep me busy and help the days go quicker. they are cuties and i get lots of hugs too haha. :) lately i have been trying to teach them about having good attitudes when they don't get their way, and we have a phrase that i started - "it's ok, maybe next time!" one of them said it all on their own a few days ago and i was so tickled. :) i hope that i am teaching them more than just their ABCs and that i'm letting the Lord use me. you can keep praying for us, for my hardworking amazing husband, and that we still can work out those christmas plans, if you think about it. thanks!!

have a wonderful weekend, dear friends. miss you!


Jason, Angie and Brady said...

Love your pictures, as usual! But I love that puffer vest even more!

The Botmas said...

your kindies do love you and will remember mrs. graves forever.

Joseph said...

We miss BOTH of you, and are so excited to see you in a few weeks!

Reagan said...

I love vests...but I don't own a typical one. Maybe I need to find one on sale! I love that phrase that you're teaching your kids :)

the keith fam said...

Wish I could hop on over to Japan and craft with you :)
I have a chocolate brown and pink vest too! I love it!
Will keep praying for your Christmas plans!

Charissa said...

I love your pictures. :)

and I love you.

Marcie said...

Your so cute :) I love the teddy and the vest is adorable! Seth doesn't really like them either, but I do. We need to talk soon, I miss you!