hi from japan!

18 October 2008

well, it's saturday night, and dinner is cooking.
i have been feeling kind of down the last few days... :/
but talking to my husband always helps! even though it's only for a few minutes at a time. i sure do miss him.

it also cheers me up to hang out with this cutie, which i did last night while jen and sam went out to celebrate jen's birthday:

i think i'm getting a little burned out from putting in lots of extra hours at school, these allergies won't seem go away, and i stupidly (accidentally!) let in a few mosquitos this week and have bites all over me that are now starting to itch! :O oops. sorry for venting, but thanks for listening. :) i'm sure things will get better soon.

on a brighter note - it's looking a bit more hopeful that we can come home for christmas! we still don't know for sure, but we are trying to make plans and praying that it all works out. :)

well, dinners ready so i better go eat it! miss y'all.


Cristina Hermann said...

I'm sorry you have to be apart from your honey so much. You are one strong chica (even though you probably don't always feel like it)! Hang in there!

Jessie said...

We are really looking forward to having you guys stay with us soon. I will be praying for you. I ti s hard when husbands are away.
Love you

Charity and Tony said...

Aww, sorry you've had a rough week. You really need to try to spend some shorter days at school if you can! I know how tiring it can be... that's wonderful that things are looking good for Christmas plans though! Love you!

Marcie said...

She is a cutie! I sooo hope it works out to see you over christmas break. Sorry you've had a tough week :P Hope it's getting better. Miss you!

The Botmas said...

here's your solution
1. stop spending so much time at school
2. sleep in more
3. quit your job and come help me w/Cambria for a few months while Ben is gone (that is after she is born).
and 4. eat peanut butter m & m's!