summer trip 2009

07 August 2009

well, it was a fun few weeks. it was jam packed with shopping and seeing people, and it was such a blessing to have a change of pace for a little while, especially while ben is away. the only thing missing on the trip was BEN! it felt strange to be there without him, and i'm glad that won't be the case much longer. when he's gone, a part of me is just missing - no matter where i am or who i'm with.

but speaking of ben! he's amazing. he passed another computer certification test and is already working towards another one! he's plugging along and will hopefully be home soon. i'm sooo proud of him! he works so hard and does so much. i can't wait to have him home!!!!!!!

i <3 ben! :)

as always, here are some pictures. i took a TON!
if you go HERE you can see the rest, but i will just summarize and pick a few to share now.

i left on jul 6, having an overnight layover in korea (:X no fun!) and arriving in atlanta on tues jul 7. i was a zombie! my parents picked me up and i spent a few days with them, then thurs night i flew to north carolina to surprise the charity and jan and join them and charissa for their beach getaway. here are a few pictures from that trip. it was so refreshing to get to spend time with dear friends! i hadn't seen charity or jan since our wedding over 2 years ago!


beach weekend :)

lunch at "fishy fishy"

fun times!

sunday afternoon we even got the treat of meeting up with rachel thorpe for lunch, and having jan's boys come up for the day! i hadn't met matthew yet. what a cutie!!

girl's lunch


sunday night we met up with gwen and RK and i got to spend a few days hanging out with them while joel was away on a pastor's retreat. what a sweet time! we went shopping at our favorite: TARGET, watched girly movies, and had long talks on the porch. it did my heart a world of good. love you gwen!! :)

charissa, charity, RK, gwen

me and gwen :)

look at this precious smiley riley!
smiley riley :)

we took RK to a grassy spot outside starbucks and did a photo shoot. there were too many to choose from! but here's 2 :)

sweet girl!


i headed back to atlanta on the 15th and spent 2 weeks hanging out in atlanta with my parents. mom and i did lots of shopping :) dad and i went to have thai lunch, and it was great spending time with them. i also spent the night with yammie (my sweet grandma!) and we got together with my aunt, uncles and cousins for an evening, too.



here's my mom with her brothers and yammie
brett, mom, barry, yammie

and yammie with a few of her grandkids
yammie and grandkids

my parents and i met up with my friend Adrian (who i've been friends with since 8th grade) and got to meet her sweet TWIN girls!
with adrian and her twins!

i also had the pleasure of getting to spend a day with kent and brook, and a photo shoot of sweet lilley! the lighting was perfect and we got some great shots here are a few of my favorites from that! brook and i spent the evening catching up while lilley slept and kent was away at a lock-in, it was a great time!

with suters on game night


isnt she precious?
ahh, feel the breeze :)

this is definitely my favorite picture from the whole shoot, (maybe the whole summer). her eyes just sparkle! she's such a sweetie.

jul 28 i boarded yet another plane to head to arizona to visit jodie and jess. more shopping, eating out, helping jess set up her classroom, an afternoon in the pool where i became a lobster, and lots of laughter! it was a quick visit, but such a fun one. i also did one more photo shoot - this time of sweet cambria joy! i was so glad to get to meet her!

look at this grin! she's adorable.
love her grin!



here's the 3 muskateers:
bffs :)

and here's cambria with sunburned aunt kristi :)
cambria and red aunt kristi :)

i got back aug 1 and spent the last few days in atlanta before boarding the looong flight back on wednesday. now i'm back in japan, feeling jetlagged, counting down the days til ben gets home. school starts back in a couple of weeks, and once it does i'm praying the time will fly and our life in japan will be wrapping up! Lord willing we will be finished here this coming spring, and heading on to new adventures. :)

so that's my trip in a nutshell! i got to do lots of shopping, eating out (i started my diet yesterday! haha), visiting, chatting and lovin' on sweet babies! it was great to see some of you, and hopefully we'll get to see even more of you in 2010! thanks for all the love, support, prayers and encouragement you've been to us over the last 2 1/2 years! :)