this week.

27 September 2008

was kind of long.
i basically lost most of my voice on thursday, i can't decide if it's just a cold or what... but my little cuties were pretty good about being quiet yesterday as i really couldn't talk very loud! haha.

but on a brighter note, my husband sent me BEAUTIFUL flowers! he is gone again :( but a few days after he left, these amazing things were delivered to my desk at school! he is such a sweetie.

today (saturday here) i went to babysit little lola girl while jen and sam went shopping at the noritake sale! we had fun, here take a look:


what did you say?

this one totally cracks me up:
rollin w the homies!

me and lola girl

it's finally getting to be nicer fall weather here, and i really wish i could take a walk outside with ben! but alas, he won't be home until the winter. pray for us if you think about it - that we can go home for christmas! that's what we really want to do, but we are still working out all the details. thanks, friends! hope y'all are enjoying your fall weekends! :D

a cultural date night...

14 September 2008

ben and i got tickets to go see the broadway version of "the lion king" :)
we went yesterday - got dressed up, took the train to fukuoka, did a little shopping at the mall we like there, and saw the 5:30 show. even though it was in japanese, you could figure out most of what was going on, and it was a neat experience. :) we couldn't take pictures inside the show, but here are a few from before we went in!

eating some ice cream at the mall...
ben and kristi

self portrait :)
getting ready

a nice girl saw our self-portraits and took this one for us, too...

today we are just hanging out... i think i'm catching a cold, and we are both worn out from a long stressful last week. ben leaves again really soon, so pray for us if you think of it! thanks, friends!

a peek....

12 September 2008

at my new kindergarten class!


word wall...
word wall

meeting spot...
meeting rug


As with most things, it's a work in progress... but then again, so am I. :)

busy busy busy!

09 September 2008

Sorry it's been so long since I posted, life has been SUPER busy to say the least! Seems like we are always on the go!
BUT -- The best news is that BEN is HOME! =)
Here is a picture of us when I went to visit him on the ship...

We've been having a great time hanging out and spending time together again. It's way to soon before he leaves again :( So we are trying to make the most of it. We tried a new restaurant on a date the other night (yummy!) and we are going on Saturday to see the Broadway Show "The Lion King" in Fukuoka! So excited about that! =)

In other news, I got the full-time job in Kindergarten and started yesterday! It's been yet another learning curve for me and certainly has it's frustrating moments, but I am hoping and praying that I can get settled in and into a good routine with these kiddos. It's nice to be back to full-time pay, but there are definitely days I miss the part-time hours! haha. Especially when the apartment starts to get dirty and the laundry starts to pile up. Thankfully I have an amazingly sweet understanding husband. He is so great and takes such good care of me - I LOVE having him home!!!

So yeah! That's the big stuff here. Ben is working hard as always, trying to decide what college class to take next. We have some big decisions coming up over the next year and a half as we quickly approach our 1/2 way mark of being in Japan! (YAY!) =) So you can pray for us if you think of it, and that we can endure these times apart.

Hope all is well there and you are enjoying the Fall weather. We miss you!