New Home

20 May 2010

Hi friends,

Kristi's blog has a new home! :)

Check it out HERE!

cake pops!

08 May 2010

thanks to my friend ashlee for giving me the recipe to try these adorable cake pops :)

cake pops

i made these for my mom and grandma for mother's day, and although i need to practice more, they turned out cute and taste yummy! :)

here's my cutie grandma...
yam and kristi :)

happy mother's day to all you moms and mom's-to-be out there, especially my sweet, wonderful momma!!

busy bees!

03 May 2010

we've been super busy the last month visiting family and friends, and figuring out what we're doing next, haha. :) we've gotten to see lots of people near and dear, and are thankful for the downtime we've had.
here are a few pictures from the last month:
me and my sweetie

with graeme and ashlee :)

the whole gang :)

nerf guns

b, l, k, g, r

as nice as it's been to travel around, see people, and live out of our car :P (haha) -- we're also ready to move back into our own space, and get to unpack all our stuff and use it again! (some things we haven't even gotten to use since there was no space for them in japan!) :) we have a busy rest of the month, but are excited to be able to see more friends and family before we pack up the BIG moving truck!

big things:
* all our things from japan arrived last week and are in boxes! :O
* we found an apartment in dubuque!
* we'll be moving in about a month!
* ben will be finishing school over the next 2(ish) years
* kristi will be subbing/possibly more :)
* we'll have a guest room, so visitors are welcome!!

happy spring! :)

one step at a time...

27 March 2010

we are now the proud owners of a 3 pc. sectional couch and an entertainment console!!! (courtesy of the pottery barn outlet store we visited yesterday). we got a great deal - such a blessing!

now all we need is a place to put it all..... =D

ps: to see a picture of our entertainment console click HERE