one step at a time...

27 March 2010

we are now the proud owners of a 3 pc. sectional couch and an entertainment console!!! (courtesy of the pottery barn outlet store we visited yesterday). we got a great deal - such a blessing!

now all we need is a place to put it all..... =D

ps: to see a picture of our entertainment console click HERE

Nike + Running + Ben + Kristi

24 March 2010

Ben and I have been trying to get back in shape - especially now that we have some extra time on our hands =) So we started running about 2 weeks ago.

To help with motivation, (and partly because it's just fun) we bought some Nike Plus gear to keep track of our runs - it tells you how many miles, time, calories, etc. =)

You can see ben's run on nike+ if you go HERE! (i can't figure out how to link mine for you to see)
It has a neat graph to show you how you did on each run.

We didn't even have to buy the fancy shoes, all we bought were these fun bands, and the holder for the sensor that straps onto your shoe!

I'm hoping we can keep it up even when we get busier, it's been fun to run together!
I'm really not a very good runner, but Ben's really helped me - he's wonderful =)

Happy Spring and love from Georgia!

what a blessing :)

14 March 2010

we were able to buy a car last week!

here it is :)

our new car!!! :)

it's a Honda Civic LX, and we love it!
God is good.

we're slowly taking care of things here and adjusting to life back here in the US -
we definitely enjoy being back!

ps: happy "pi" day! :) (3.14)

3 years ago today...

10 March 2010

was our wonderful wedding!! :)

my love!


one of my favorite wedding pictures. =)

happy anniversary my sweet!
what a crazy adventure we've been on these last 3 years!
now we're at the start of a new adventure, and i can't wait to spend many more years with you! <3

it's nice to be back :)

06 March 2010

we've been having a great time being back in the USA!
relaxing, sleeping in, hanging out with my parents, getting to go to church again! we're also car shopping (which isn't the most fun, but a necessity!) :)

we've been able to do some fun things already -- for instance, we went with my parents earlier this week to the mall of GA and saw AVATAR in their IMAX theater :) here we are with our 3D glasses on...
my parents:
Avatar in 3D on IMAX Mom/Dad

Avatar in 3D on IMAX Kristi/Ben

i've also been busy working on cards!
i'm really trying to sell some during this downtime to make a little extra money (and it's something i enjoy doing, so that's a blessing!)

here are a few i've made recently..

miss you

best friend

and here's the link for my brand new ETSY shop! CLICK HERE

i love etsy and have ordered a few things from there, and finally decided it was time for me to give it a try. :) let me know what you think if you get a chance to go look :)

happy march! looking forward to spring weather which should be here soon!

ps: our 3rd anniversary is next week! :)
and we're also SUPER SUPER excited for our dear friends charity and tony who are expecting a baby this fall! :) visit their blog to read their story, it's an amazing testimony of faithfulness to our Great God.