Nike + Running + Ben + Kristi

24 March 2010

Ben and I have been trying to get back in shape - especially now that we have some extra time on our hands =) So we started running about 2 weeks ago.

To help with motivation, (and partly because it's just fun) we bought some Nike Plus gear to keep track of our runs - it tells you how many miles, time, calories, etc. =)

You can see ben's run on nike+ if you go HERE! (i can't figure out how to link mine for you to see)
It has a neat graph to show you how you did on each run.

We didn't even have to buy the fancy shoes, all we bought were these fun bands, and the holder for the sensor that straps onto your shoe!

I'm hoping we can keep it up even when we get busier, it's been fun to run together!
I'm really not a very good runner, but Ben's really helped me - he's wonderful =)

Happy Spring and love from Georgia!