one week down...

19 October 2007

eight more to go! oh how depressing. haha.

but on a brighter note, this first week was definitely better than the last first week that he was away (back in may). i was telling ben before he left that last time i was just AFRAID. i wasnt sure i was going to be able to do it! but at least this time, the fear is gone because i know we can do it. it sucks, and we hate it, but at least i know we CAN make it... and thats because the Lord gives us strength each day to get through.

part of the reason this week was a bit better too, is that i made a new friend here! her name is jen, and she is a sister in Christ and has been a big blessing already. she and her husband sam live here, about 5 minutes from our apartment, and have a precious little 10 month old named lola. =) jen took me up to this great lookout where we could see ben's ship in the water as they were leaving... so here are a few pictures:

this is me: (ben's ship is behind my head!)
Overlook 2

and this is jen:
Overlook 1

also, i just keep busy trying to get this big christmas card order finished, and i called the school a few days ago and finally got a few days to sub at the end of this month and during next month! so that is a big blessing. =)
here is my favorite christmas card that i have made so far:
merry christmas trees

as for ben... he is doing alright... staying super busy with school and work and sleep. thats pretty much all he has time for. (and eating!) let me know if you want the ship's address so you can write him, because i know that mail really brightens his day! and we definitely still covet your prayers as these times are always challenging. here we are right before he left... on a "date night" =)
Date Night 4

lately i have gotten into reading a passage first in nasb, and then in "the message". sometimes i think it really gives a neat perspective to a sometimes familiar verse. well i read psalm 27 in the message, and here is verses 13-14:
"I'm sure now I'll see God's goodness in the exuberant earth. Stay with God! Take heart. Don't quit. I'll say it again: Stay with God." =) hope you all are seeing God's goodness and staying with Him. have a good weekend!


10 October 2007

it's been a while since we updated...
we have been busy it seems since we got home last week!
and we have been jetlagged as well, going to bed before 9pm! =)

we had a blast in california, and we are so thankful it all worked out!
just wish we could have seen more of you! =) maybe next time....

ben is busy getting ready to go underway again. BLAH.
we hate this time. =( but we have really been enjoying ourselves the past few days and are trying to soak in the moments we DO get to be together. God is good.
ben and kristi

i have been staying busy making cards because i got a big order for christmas cards! while we were in california we were able to stock up on a bunch of supplies i had run out of, so its been fun to dive back into that. =) here is one of my favorites that i made a few days ago:

also, in relation to the cards - while i was traveling and ben was still in cali, he was so sweet and made me a website! so check it out if you have some time! =)

oh, and i said i was going to try to blog about all my crazy travel adventures. i dont even know where to start! i took military "space-available" flights starting in okinawa, japan... and on my way TO california, i stayed a night in guam, in a hotel room with people i had just met that day... used oxygen masks on one flight for 2 hours, had the engine die in another plane just as we were about to leave... stayed in the hawaii terminal for about 7 hours, and spent the night in the sacramento airport all to get to ben 4 days later! hahaha. =)

THEN on the way back TO japan i missed another flight and ended up flying to hawaii again and getting stuck there for 2 days... but i made a friend with the girl and i who were in the same boat, trying to get back to the same place - her name is michelle - here is a picture of us on our way back:
my travel buddy

overall, it was definitely the craziest travel adventure i have ever done - especially by myself, but it gave me a boost of confidence that i CAN do it by myself if i ever need to do it again. =) but as for now, i am glad to have a break from flying for at least a few weeks! haha.

anyway, other than that we are pretty good. just wanted to say hi from japan!
miss you all!