guess what?!

24 March 2008

....HE'S HOME!!!!

Photo 251

Hope you all had a nice Easter! =)

Love from Japan,
Ben and Kristi

another saturday in japan.

14 March 2008

it's finally starting to get nice and warm here!
the spring weather is coming, and so are the cherry blossoms!! i cant wait to see them as we just missed them last year when we got here.
speaking of - next month is our 1 year anniversary of moving to japan! its hard to believe all the things that have gone on and changed and all the adventures we have had. =) God is good, all the time.
so i decided to do a little spring cleaning this week - of myself. haha. i gave myself a pedicure and some highlights and today i got in the mood to straighten my hair! i also got a fun new dress to wear on a date with ben (shh, he doesn't know about it yet!) when he gets home... in just over a week!!!!!!! =D (can you tell i'm excited?!)
march in japan.
so thats whats up with us right now. counting down the last few days of being apart.

well, i'm off to enjoy the nice day and lunch with my friends jen and lola right now... but i hope you all are enjoying your weekend. =)

love from japan!

march 10

10 March 2008

a year ago today
we became husband and wife! =D


its been a crazy year full of ups and downs and adventures
growing and living and laughing and loving
and i couldn't imagine spending it with anyone else! =D

happy anniversary, honey!
i can't wait til you are home with me!!!

Pottery shopping...

08 March 2008

Today was neat. Earlier this week I got asked to go out for a day of shopping and exploring with a few of the teachers I work with. I decided it would be a nice way to get to know them a little better, plus we were going to places I hadn't been before, so I accepted and met up with them this morning to start our adventures. It ended up being a longer day than any of us thought, but it was fun and we saw some cool things! We started out by going to the Noritake Factory, its like an outlet I guess with all kinds of cool china, and every couple of months they have a sale - which this weekend was a part of, and everything was 20% off! I didn't buy anything, but definitely found some things I would have liked to! Then we went and ate at an authentic Japanese Steak House - where they cook the food in front of you! It was very yummy and filling! I was ready for a nap after that, but our day had just begun! We then trecked on to this village (that I cant for the life of me remember how to spell or even say) where there were TONS of shops full of authentic Japanese pottery! There were so many neat things, and it was so pretty. Here are a few pictures.

porcelain bridge


neat building

plate in the wall

We ended the day in Arita, where we visited a Porcelain Puppet museum, and got served some tea in the home of a very sweet Japanese woman that one of the teachers knows.

porcelain puppet show

I can't wait to take Ben around when he gets home so he can see all the pretty scenery and pottery. All in all it was a good day, and I just wanted to share my latest Japanese adventure with you, our dear friends. I will take any of you there if you come to visit us! =)

Hope you all are having a nice weekend. Only a few more weeks and Ben will be home!!!

Jumpin on the bandwagon...

01 March 2008

You girls that have updated your sites have inspired me. I tried to pick a background that wasn't too girly, because this is a blog for Ben and I to share... what do you think? It reminded me of the sparklers we ran out to as we left on our wedding... almost exactly one year ago! =)