another saturday in japan.

14 March 2008

it's finally starting to get nice and warm here!
the spring weather is coming, and so are the cherry blossoms!! i cant wait to see them as we just missed them last year when we got here.
speaking of - next month is our 1 year anniversary of moving to japan! its hard to believe all the things that have gone on and changed and all the adventures we have had. =) God is good, all the time.
so i decided to do a little spring cleaning this week - of myself. haha. i gave myself a pedicure and some highlights and today i got in the mood to straighten my hair! i also got a fun new dress to wear on a date with ben (shh, he doesn't know about it yet!) when he gets home... in just over a week!!!!!!! =D (can you tell i'm excited?!)
march in japan.
so thats whats up with us right now. counting down the last few days of being apart.

well, i'm off to enjoy the nice day and lunch with my friends jen and lola right now... but i hope you all are enjoying your weekend. =)

love from japan!


Charity and Tony said...

Kristi, you are super cute, and I love your new dress :-)
I am so excited for you and Ben to finally be back together very soon.
I love you, friend!! Happy Spring :-)

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

thanks charity... that's actually not the new dress! but i will post a picture of our date night when i wear it =) happy spring to you too! love you lots!

Williams' Family said...

LOVE your straight hair! So glad your hubby will be home soon! Don't know how you do it.

Jessie said...

You look beautiful.

The Keith Fam said...

cute hair!
when the cherry blossoms come can you post a picture so we can be green with envy...please :)
enjoy every moment of that sweet reunion

Marcie said...

Hey Friend! You look beautiful! Can't wait for you and Ben to be back together. Just in time for your birthday. So glad you were able to pamper yourself. Sorry we didn't get to talk this weekend like we had hoped :P Hope to catch up soon! Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well! Good to read your blog. GE