hong kong

27 November 2008

here are some pictures of our wonderful mini vacation. it was so great to be together again. we had a great time exploring, shopping, eating, and enjoying each other's company! :)

at the top of victoria's peak...


view from the top

so happy together :)
in love :)

last day together

more pictures on my flickr (use the link at the top of this page)

lots to be thankful for.

i am back in japan now, after having an amazing time with my hubby. pictures to come soon as i get them all on the computer. he is so great and i am so thankful for him, and the time we had together!

also, look who i got to see today! :)
my friend jen's little amelia is here! she finally made her appearance, and look at how cute she is!

precious baby girl!
oh holy cuteness

sweet family of 4 now!
sweet family of 4!

all bundled up in the hat and blanket mommy made her.
all bundled up

i enjoyed some snuggle time with her, too :)
cuddle time!

happy thanksgiving from japan!

guess who...

23 November 2008

is together right now? :)
here's a hint.

hong kong

we're on a mini vacation and after over 2 months of being apart, it is wonderful to be together! :D

been a while...

14 November 2008

since i last posted!
things have been a little crazy around here.

hmmm, let's see. some updates:

*one of the biggest things we found out -- WE GET TO COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! =D so far, everything is working out, and we are excited to see everyone! we have tickets booked and plans made! it is so hard for us to believe we haven't been back to the states for over a year, and not back home since we moved here -- going on 2 years now! crazy.

*things w school are fine. still busy. i have a very active little group of kiddos! haha. but i really like them, and enjoy their energy. i've been trying to upload pictures of our halloween costumes, but i have been having technical difficulties. here is one of all of us, though, that i finally got to work.

*my friend jen is about to have her second little girl... we are awaiting the arrival of amelia any day now!

*my husband is amazing! he just got his air pin - which wasn't an easy task! he is also taking college classes and always amazes me at how well he accomplishes everything even while working 12-14 hour days. and he doesn't complain! he is definitely worn out though, and we are so ready for him to be home. if you think of it we would still love your prayers!

*so that's really all for now. still just here, living day by day, waiting for my hubby to come home to me, and trying to rely on God's faithfulness and goodness.

Photo 66

miss y'all! hope all is well and you are getting ready for holidays w loved ones. we'll be apart on thanksgiving again, but we are looking forward to seeing many of you next month =)