parents, pretty weather, and... pictures!

24 September 2007

so we are still having a grand old time in california. the weather has been great, and last week we were able to see my parents and brother, and bens mom! =)
we also checked out a surfing contest on the boardwalk of the beach - at this place called "the wavehouse". ben got some neat shots of that.
we had good food, played cards, played with some birds, went to the beach, had a tour of the USS Midway... it was great to get to visit with our families that we hadnt seen in so long. so here are some pictures!


Free Flight Aviary - San Diego, CA

Free Flight Aviary - San Diego, CA

Free Flight Aviary - San Diego, CA

USS Midway

USS Midway

USS Midway

Us at the USS Midway

we had a great time! check out and the san diego, ca set to see bens pictures from the wavehouse, and all our other pictures. =) hope you guys are doing well! we love and miss you!

The Happiest Place on Earth!

18 September 2007

i know its been a little while since we blogged, but its because we have been staying busy ever since i landed here in san diego! ben and i are having a GREAT time, and have been able to go do lots of fun things...

this past friday, we drove over to arizona to visit jess and jodie, and went to one of those pottery places where you paint your own pottery... here are a few pictures, we had a fun time!

Kristi and Jodie

Jodie and Grant

us with aprons again

and then sunday we took a trip to the happiest place on earth, DISNEYLAND! =) and we worked it out for charissa to go with us, too! (one of the girls from bens ship who is here went with us too) so here are some more pictures from our adventures...

Kristi and I

Kristi and I

Charissa and Goofy

Charissa, Sara, Kristi and Mary Poppins and Bert

Tea cup ride!

Kristi and Charissa


All of us with Minnie Mouse and Pluto

as always, there are lots more pictures on bens flickr:

hope you guys are doing good! my parents get in tonight and are staying through friday, and then bens mom gets in saturday and stays with us til sunday, and we are very much looking forward to seeing them! =) more pictures to come, i am sure.

Free Flight Aviary

10 September 2007

Folks, I have to show you how much fun I had at the free flight aviary here in San Diego, Ca where I am visiting for a month while I'm at a Navy school.

I highly suggest if you're in the area to google the place and get directions to visit, it's a fun time for only 5$ per adult! =D  Enjoy the pictures!  I had a great time taking them!

There are birds all over the place, some you can even have hop up on your finger!  No cages to have to shoot through for most of the birds! =D Which always makes me happy!

Free Flight Aviary

I loved the feathers on this red one!

Free Flight Aviary

This blue one was so neat!

Free Flight Aviary

These two were sooo cute! =D


This one was my favorite, he was so friendly! =)


These guys were helping each other out, scratching each others back! hehe


This green fellow was quite excited to see me!


I loved the look of the blue feathers in this photo!


This little guy was trying to make me turn my head also! haha


I really liked this picture because of the wonderfully colored feathers!
Free Flight Aviary

Ahh and then of course there are a few fun shots of me and the friendly birdy!



And you want to know when a nice bird wants you to stop taking it's picture?  It sticks it's tongue out at you like this!Free Flight Aviary

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at a few of my pictures from today's trip! =D 
There's some more at my I tried to pick my favorites to display here!