this week.

27 September 2008

was kind of long.
i basically lost most of my voice on thursday, i can't decide if it's just a cold or what... but my little cuties were pretty good about being quiet yesterday as i really couldn't talk very loud! haha.

but on a brighter note, my husband sent me BEAUTIFUL flowers! he is gone again :( but a few days after he left, these amazing things were delivered to my desk at school! he is such a sweetie.

today (saturday here) i went to babysit little lola girl while jen and sam went shopping at the noritake sale! we had fun, here take a look:


what did you say?

this one totally cracks me up:
rollin w the homies!

me and lola girl

it's finally getting to be nicer fall weather here, and i really wish i could take a walk outside with ben! but alas, he won't be home until the winter. pray for us if you think about it - that we can go home for christmas! that's what we really want to do, but we are still working out all the details. thanks, friends! hope y'all are enjoying your fall weekends! :D


Robin said...

Kristi, how wonderful it would be to go home for Christmas! I'll pray that the Lord will work that out according to His will. I LOVE your classroom! I'm a teensy bit jealous, I must admit. Are all of your students English-speaking?

The Botmas said...

the flowers were very time tell him to send himself! we're on our 2 week break we should be able to find some time to chat. wish you were here to hang out w/us. we could have many tv marathons something other that newlyweds would prob be good.oh yeah and of course we'd be eating puppy chow. love you and miss you. i'm 7 months now...crazy!

the keith fam said...

praying that you'll get home for Christmas! Tell Ben he gets bonus points from all the ladies that check your blog. He's amazing!
Hope you get to feeling better.

Charity and Tony said...

aww, the flowers are so pretty! Good job, Ben :-)
I'm praying for ya'll and hope everything works out for plans for Christmas. Love you!