"bee" happy.

11 October 2008

this week for an art project we made bees. the kids and i have been enjoying singing "i'm bringing home a baby bumblebee" (and the variations that i learned from the internet - rattlesnack and dinosaur! haha). so i thought they might get a kick out of making their own bees. they turned out super cute!

here's my example:
my bee

and a few of theirs:
bee happy

we also celebrated national fire safety week with a visit from a few firefighters on base. that was fun and to go along with it, i made this bulletin board
"all fired up"

here's a close up of us with our fire hats on:
class pictures

and, for those of you that asked -- here are a few of my kiddos!




as usual, i'm missing ben like crazy - but hanging in there. we have a long weekend because of columbus day tomorrow. i'm trying to get caught up on some projects and some rest, and trying to kick these allergies that won't seem to go away. i've had a raspy froggy voice off and on for the past week! :O it was basically gone one morning this week at school, and one of my sweet girls came over and rubbed my throat to make it feel better. haha. she said "aww, mrs. graves! your voice!" :) they sure are cute most of the time. ben is staying busy as ever on the ship, and we are just counting down the weeks til we get to be together again!

whatever you are doing this weekend, hope you enjoy the fall weather and each other. miss you!


Melissa said...

You're such a fun teacher! I'll bet the kids love you :)

hope those alergies go away soon...

The Botmas said...

fun stuff!! your doing such cute things w/them. i would love for cambria to have you as a teacher. and by the way i will be able to wear that outfit for 8 and 9 months!!! the shirt stretches with me!

mattandsteph said...

You are a great teacher Kristi -I love your bulletin board! Hang in there -I'm praying for you!

Charity and Tony said...

I love the bumblebees! What a cute idea. You are such a great teacher, Mrs. Graves :-) Love you!

the keith fam said...

Those little kiddos are just yummy! I love the bees...too cute!
Praying for you while your hubby is away!