busy week!

22 October 2008

yesterday was pumpkin day...
we cut open, floated, drew and explored pumpkins - ate pumpkin choc chip muffins for snack, and made these way cute pumpkin pieces of art:

then today we took a walking field trip to the base and visited the fire station!
we got to see real firemen and feel their suits and i thought this picture turned out cute..
i thought this one was cute.

and here we are with our fire hats!

tomorrow night we have a potluck parents meeting after school.. so the busy week continues! hope you are all having a good week even if it's busy like mine! :)


Melissa said...

I'll bet they just l;oved seeing a real fire fighter :)
the pumpkins turned out really well, it looks so festive :)

Marcie said...

So cute! You are just so creative with you class, I bet they absolutely LOVE you! The firefighter picture is so cute with all their little hats - darling!

Charissa said...

awww.. I love the pumpkins! nice job. and the group picture is just too cute. :) They look like a fun, crazy bunch.

wish I could've joined y'all.

the keith fam said...

What a cute project Kristi! Do you have the recipe for the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins? They sounds delicious!!!