card layout #2

27 June 2009

well, for the moment this has turned into my card blog! haha.
there's not much else i'm doing worth mentioning right now, i guess :P
but thank you for all your sweet comments and thoughts!
here's the next layout i tried from the card-making book! :)
this time i made 2...

card layout #2

card layout #2

i didn't intend this, but looking at the bottom picture - it almost looks like it's making a smiley face with the "hi" and the stamp underneath...hmm, maybe i should've put the flower as the nose! :) haha.


Cristina said...

Very cute, indeed! And again they're such easy layouts. I'm glad you're finding something fun to occupy your time, although I'm sure you'd much rather be out and about with Ben.

Charity said...

Oh yeah, I can see the smiley now :-) Cute.

The Botmas said...

love love love them. i have kept many of your cards b/c they are just too cute to throw out. i'll call you today..still deciding.