ladybug love

19 June 2009



i made these cards using ladybug stickers that came from!
i ordered a set from ladybug labels and they have been great additions to my cards!

i also was reminded of my ladybug bulletin board that i didn't ever get around to posting. the other kindergarten teacher gave me this set for christmas cause she found out i like ladybugs :)

kindness bugs

to go along with it, i read my kids the "goodness guerillas" book from chicken soup for the kid's soul, and had them "catch" each other doing random acts of kindness. when they were "caught" we put their name on a ladybug and put it on the board. :) it was a great way to encourage kindness and it didn't take long for them all to be up there! they seemed to like it and i fully plan on doing it again next year. and to be even cuter, my mom sent me a ladybug bulletin board border! i'll have to take a picture of that when it's all done.

as far as things here, it's been a rough week, harder than even i thought it was going to be. :/ but i'm trying my best to hang in there. i have a headache and i sure do miss my husband, though. keep praying for us, and thanks in advance for doing so :)


Charity said...

I LOVE the cards.. ladybugs are so cute, and the bulletin board is soo creative. You are such a great teacher. What a great way to encourage acts of kindness.
Continuing to pray for you...
love you!

The Botmas said...

you are adorable as always. it was so good catching up the other day...can't wait to see you. love you.

Deb said...

it was so good to talk to you a few days ago!! Thanks for cluing me in about I have put all my Christmas card stuff away for the moment. Your ladybug things are wonderful and fun! I didn't know you had a thing for the feminine little bugs but they sure are cute. Praying for you...hang in there and the Lord can make it!
You are always in our prayers...Mom-O