been a while!

03 June 2009

it's been almost a month since i posted! crazy!

life has been busy as school is winding down for me, and ben's been studying like crazy to get A+ certified (computer cert.). he took his 2 tests yesterday and passed them both!! i'm so proud of him, he's amazing. next week is my last week of school before summer break! the kids last day is thursday, and i have a teacher work day friday to clean up my room and then we're out til the end of august! :)
ben and i have been talking and talking and praying and praying about... our future. we are trying to see what the Lord wants us to do, and are leaning towards and working towards getting OUT of the navy this coming spring when our time in Japan is done. would you do us a favor and pray about it too? :) it's definitely what we want, but we want to make sure it's what the LORD wants as well.
it will be challenging in a whole different way and test our faith in different ways as well, but we're looking forward to the possibility of getting to be closer to family and friends and be done with this part of our journey.

my class is doing a musical tomorrow and friday called "the little red hen" and i hope to get a few pictures i can post... i have the songs going through my head at night because we've been listening to them every day for the past month to get the kids ready! haha. :) "hey little red little red little red hen... little red hen, what did you bake? hey little red hen smells like a cake...."

happy june! hope the weather's not too hot yet and you're enjoying the start of summer!


Jessie said...

We will be praying for you guys-there are a lot of dissensions, the Lord deffently knows what you need-keep seeking Him and His best.
Love you both!

Charissa said...

Are you partcipating in this musical? :) I can't wait to see pics!

I'm definitely praying for you and Ben as you make decisions about the future.

love you!

Mark, Emily, Lillie Mae and Titus Man said...

We will pray! That would be so nice so you can be with Ben!! :) I can hear you singing those little jingles so sweet. You are a great teacher I am sure!

Charity said...

Praying for clear direction for you and Ben!
Hope the musical goes well and looking forward to seeing some pics of your cute kiddos!
love you!

Deb said...

God wants to reveal His will for you as much as you desire Him to do the Holy Spirit. You are wise to ask your friends and family to pray for you...

You notice I am keeping my mouth shut so as not to influence you! tee hee ...Love you both so much and miss you tremendously :)

Marcie said...

Oh, I will be praying about your future! I hope there's future in coming back this spring to topeka! It would be so fun to be relatively close to you. Miss you friend!

The Botmas said...

yea!!! get out of there and come to az! i have missed you. call me when your done w/school, should be easier to get a hold of each other then. love you.

Graeme and Ashlee said...

we're praying for you both, friend.

we would love it if you moved out this way! :)