08 June 2008

thank you girls for your sweet encouragement about my running.
and if it weren't for my amazing husband, i never would have stuck with it.

but i am happy to report that on friday- i made my goal!! :)
i ran a mile without stopping!

it's been a busy weekend full of cleaning, reading, researching, trying to plan things for our visitors, and trying to get this fuji trip squared away. after realizing how expensive it was going to be to do it ourselves, we decided to go through the place on base. definitely a LOT cheaper. also crazier, though, because we get in a bus at 2pm on friday, ride 12 hours, get out, climb the mountain, climb down, have dinner, and then get back on the bus for the 12 hr. ride back. we get back sunday afternoon! haha. we're nuts. but we're excited about the adventure!! :)

got this fun new hat at the store today for only $6!LAST WEEK!

tomorrow starts the last week of school until summer break, and boy are we all ready! hopefully only couple more weeks til ben gets home, THANK GOODNESS because i miss him like CRAZY!!!

hope you all are doing well and enjoying your weekend! :)


The Keith Fam said...

Congratulations on the mile and the adorable hat!!! Hoping Ben is home soon!!!

mattandsteph said...

Have a great last day of school Kristi!

kiwi said...

that's awesome about your run!! :)

Reagan said...

you guys ARE crazy! riding 12 hours?! i can't imagine. are you staying in a hotel or anything? that would stink to sleep on a bus after hiking all that time!