no more teaching...

13 June 2008

no more books... no more students goofy looks...or something like that, right? :o) haha. i am a FREE woman! i worked alllll day to clean my room, then turned in my keys! it is officially summer break from now til august!

the status of next year's job is still not 100%, but it's looking as though i will be teaching 1/2 grade in the morning and then back to 5/6 grade in the afternoons. (essentially 2 part time jobs). i am looking forward to the variety and challenges that will bring, and glad that i can still have a job while we are here. its definitely nice having 2 incomes! it helps me not be so bored while ben is gone, and i have met lots of nice people on staff at the school. God is good. if you would have asked me before we got here if i ever thought i'd be teaching the whole time, i would have laughed! but obviously this is where God wants me right now, and i am trying to make the most of it and learn what He is teaching me.

couple more weeks til my sweet husband gets home... i am trying to fill next week with all kinds of errands so that i wont be bored - i wont know what to do with all that free time! haha. :O hope you all are staying cool, the summer weather is definitely arrived here! happy summer!!


Angie and Jason said...

Yay for no more school! (temporarily, anyways!)