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05 May 2008

So the teacher I took over for left one of those little day calendars on his desk that I have been reading every day, and the quote for one of the weekend days was something like this (I read it this morning). The goal of a teacher should be to have a kid leave at the end of the day loving himself just a little more than he did when he got to school that morning. It stuck with me all day, and I wondered if I was accomplishing that goal. It's definitely something to strive for, especially as the end of the year is drawing close, and my job status for next year is still unknown. I need to make use of the time God has given me to spend with these kids!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week this week, and I got a cute little basket and nice note from the Principal, an apple from one of my students (haha!) :) and a backrub from another! I really do have some cute kids... take a look:
Spring is here!

In other news, I have been hitting the gym the past week or so trying to get in shape because this summer we are taking Rob and Charissa out to Tokyo and we are all going to climb Mt. Fuji! I am pretty stinking excited about that! :)

Other than that, I am hanging in there... missing Ben like crazy, and anxious for him to get home again... I never sleep as good when he isnt here, and the past few nights have been no exception! Maybe tonight I will get a bit more rest.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi again. Miss you guys a lot!


kiwi said...

wow that's a big mountain to climb! how exciting!

Reagan said...

Mount Fuji huh?! That sounds intimidating!

I love your quote about being a teacher - that is such a good goal to to think about! I am sure those kids love your class - you are so sweet.

Jessie said...

Climbing that mountain sounds awesome.
I feel for your lack of sleep , I have a really hard time sleeping when Joe is gone. I hope you can sleep well tonight-maybe all that working out will wear you put enough to sleep.

Joel and Gwen said...

Hello my dear friend! I am sorry I missed your phone call, and I'm sorry you haven't been sleeping well, I will be praying for you. Call me if you need o chat. Oh and Joel felt the baby move tonight!!! yeah!!! (may 10th)