field day fun and lessons being learned.

21 May 2008

today at school we had a fun field day. outside, sun, water sports... the kids had a blast. here are a few pictures =)

beach ball relay

beach ball relay 2

they loved getting soaked =)


after field day the kids went home wet and we had some teacher meetings (it was a half-day) but after school, i also had fun watching this little cutie...
me and lola

how cute is that?

it was a long day, but pretty good all-in-all.

i have been learning more and more that i still have a lot to learn about classroom management, and the kids were quick to let me know that today too.... one of the other teachers came in this morning and said "excuse me boys and girls" and the kids immediately quieted down! so when she left i said "wait, why dont you do that for me?" and they said "we're scared of her! not of you!" ha. =P now most of you that know me know i am not a scary person... but i am still trying to learn the balance between "scary" and "too nice" (which i tend to be). i'm a work in progress. =)

on the bright side however, 3 weeks left of school after this one!
we have a field trip on friday, too - so i hope to take more pictures there... we are going to a space museum.

also, please keep praying for my sweetiepie when you think of it - we are ready for him to be back on dry land and be back together again for summer adventures, but thats still a few weeks away. we are hoping they go quickly! hope you all are having a nice week and enjoying the warm weather!


Reagan said...

Hey I tagged you on my blog :) Awesome pictures! Sounds like you're a fun teacher.