a saturday in japan...

01 December 2007

as the first of december comes to a close here in japan, its just starting for all of you back in the states! that's still so weird to think about. =)
things i did today:

-drove on the left side of the road. =)

-participated in a craft show put on by some navy wives and sold some of my cards.
my table

-made a new friend - melanie - the girl i shared a table with.
rice filled pillows...

-bought and ate some "mikan" - little japanese oranges. =)

-practiced my chopsticks by eating leftover fried rice with them for dinner

-did some online christmas shopping (gotta love amazon.com!)

-learned how to say "how are you?" in japanese -- "ogenki desu ka?"

-missed ben.

but good news! he's coming back in less than 2 weeks now!!!!!! woo hoo! i cant wait. =) hope you all have a good saturday! 24 days til christmas....