next week...

06 December 2007

ben will be home!!!!!!!!!! =D
i'm so excited. i'm trying to do last minute things that i've been putting off or just too busy to worry about since he left (haha) and i can't WAIT til he walks in the door and sees the apartment decorated for christmas.... and i can give him a hug!! =D
i got my hair colored yesterday, too.. and had her straighten it for fun:

new hair!

i start teaching full-time a week from monday - and i'm in there a lot this week to start transitioning in. kind of crazy! please keep us in your prayers as we'll both be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks. hope everyone has a great weekend! i'll post pictures of us together once he gets here, too. =)

ps: i started mailing a few christmas presents today! they say tuesday is the deadline for them to get to the states in time. only 18 days left! crazy! =)


Charity and Tony said...

You are cute.. I love your hair!

mattandsteph said...

I love your new hair Kristi! I'm so glad that Ben is home soon! Have a wonderful homecoming!