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19 November 2007

well, life's been a crazy busy roller coaster these days!
i've been subbing mostly every day, and then trying to make cards in the evenings, and still trying to relax sometime in there too! haha.
but our big news for this week - WE GOT A CAR!!!!! its nothing too pretty, but it was a GREAT deal, so i'm proud of it. its a 93 toyota corolla. i bought it today and drove it home! (after i got insurance, of course). =)
here's a few pictures so you can see:
our car!

our car!

i was pretty nervous to drive on the left side of the road, but so far its been ok (all like 1 mile that i drove around base and back to our apartment! haha). it will definitely be nice to have as it was about 40 degrees this morning while i was walking to school! the winter weather is starting to set in, so i'm thankful that the Lord provided us with this car at just the right time.

other than that, not too much to tell. i'll be doing a craft show on december 1st on base, i got asked to sell some of my cards there, so we will see what comes of it - it should be a fun time, i hope! and i am going to decorate our christmas tree this weekend and am excited for that.

they really are into christmas here in sasebo! more than i thought they would be! when i was walking around out in town a few nights ago, i was pleasantly surprised to hear christmas music playing and see lights everywhere:


and i bought this cause i was feeling festive: (hehe)
getting into the spirit...

ben's still out at sea, so keep praying for him. we're praying they are home in time for christmas, and we are looking forward to spending the holiday together. =) hard to believe this time last year there was a ring under the tree for me! much has changed, and it's neat to see where God has brought us in just a year's time. hope you all are doing well and remembering all the things to be thankful for this week. i sure am thankful for all of you! =) happy thanksgiving from japan!


Marcie said...

Wow, the car looks so nice! I love it! Sounds like you have been a busy lady. I hope you are able to enjoy yourself this week, I know it will be hard not having Ben there... Hope to talk to you soon!

Reagan said...

So exciting! Are you celebrating Thanksgiving at all with freinds on the base? I'm so sorry he is gone at the holidays!

Jessie said...

sweet car! Very exciting -what is the count down to Ben's return?

Joel and Gwen said...

hey girlie,
i love your new car, what a sweet ride. Happy Thanksgiving!!1 Tell ben-ja-men that Joel and I are praying for him. I love you and miss you sooo much!!!