cards galore...

11 November 2007

so i finished with my big order of christmas cards this weekend! woo hoo!
and here are some of my favorites that i've made over the past few weeks...

merry christmas

ho ho ho

happy holidays


and here's one i made last night for a non-christmas order, too: =)

hope everyone had a nice weekend! i'm enjoying having today off of school for veterans day... the only thing that could make it better is if ben was home!! =/


Reagan said...

Kristi, I keep meaning to ask you if you do the drawings yourself? Like the one of the snowman and just the text in the "hello" and " ho ho ho".

mattandsteph said...

Great cards Kristi -you do an amazing job! Have a great week -are you teaching much???

Angie and Jason said...

Your cards are so cute! I even got one in the mail from Wendy Lickteig! :)