O-bon festival

20 August 2007

Recently we went out to watch the O-bon festival here in Sasebo, Japan. It was a pretty interesting festival that the Japanese celebrate. We got the impression it was about remembering their dead. Anyway, here are a few fun pictures from that day.

Kristi eating a sno-cone, it was VERY hot outside! =D

Lantern passers, who bow and take the lantern and pass it down to the end where it is placed into the water.

This picture shows the lantern passers better.

This is a picture of the people that had the lanterns and what they looked like.

This is a Japanese national named Eriko that is involved with a lot of Japanese/American relations on our base, she runs tours, Japanese Classes, and is shown here trying to explain about the O-bon festival.

A hanging lantern that was put up for the festival. I tried to make these next two pictures look a bit gloomy, appropriate for a festival of the dead.

Two hanging lanterns

I was chewing on the straw from Kristi's sno-cone.
i eat straws


Reagan said...

Sounds fun...I love festivals - Especially Fall Festivals!

Jessie said...

If it was really hot out Ben,why are you wearing a long sleeved shirt??? hummmmmm
But all the pictures do look great.

Ben & Kristi Graves said...

haha, jessie i asked him the same thing, but he assured me that shirt is really lightweight. not really any different than wearing a short sleeve shirt. =)