A nice relaxing weekend...

12 August 2007

It has been a very laid back weekend for us here.  Kristi and I were basically bums for all of Saturday and Sunday actually, watching a few movies and playing our Wii.  Kristi made some delicious butterscotch brownies, and they were better than I thought they would be!  hah hah...  =D  She's amazing at cooking, especially considering we don't have a real oven, just a toaster oven.  (Oh trust me, we'd have a real oven if the apartment could fit it!)

I know that this free time is really a rare and wonderful thing, and I wanted to spend it as much with my wife as possible.  Next weekend I'll have duty on Sunday, and the weekend after that I'll have it on Saturday.  About a weekend past that we'll be getting ready to head to San Diego where I'll be starting a month long school for a computer system for the Navy.  Kristi will meet up with me a few days after I arrive there. (That's the plan anyway) During that time I'll be working on my Intro to Mass Communications class as well as the Navy School.  After that month in San Diego we'll head back to Sasebo and a short time after that I'll probably be getting underway again for about 2 months.  We expect to visit the Philippines, Hong Kong, and South Korea during that time.  Hopefully if nothing else in the world goes wrong during that time we'll stick to the schedule and get home sometime in December for a Christmas stand down time.  That should be a nice and welcome break after being underway and away from Kristi. 

Ahhh, my camera's sensor seems to be malfunctioning and I will have to send it in for repairs sometime soon.  I am pretty sure it's still under warranty but I'm betting it will still cost some amount to get it fully repaired.  Oh well, I haven't been taking very good pictures recently anyway.  I guess this is just an excuse...hah...

Kristi and I definitely are missing home and our friends, I think for me I miss my friends the most when I see a movie or something that reminds me of a group of friends that act as family.  It's hard I think, to be away from that kind of love.  Especially when it is so infrequent where we are.  God is faithful though, and He will bring us back safely.  I stand on His promises with Kristi, and we patiently wait for the time when we can be back with the rest of our wonderful brothers and sisters.