a red eye and a missing tooth...

25 February 2010

funny name for an update, but it's what's been going on here!

*ben finished up his paperwork/meetings/checking out today and is flying to atlanta on a redeye flight tonight! SO glad to be seeing him soon and getting to relax together! it's been a crazy roller coaster ride up to the very last step (even the plane ticket home was a headache!) but we can now say bye bye navy!! =)

as for the tooth...
**i unfortunately had to get a tooth extracted last week unexpectedly, and went in to see the oral surgeon this week to try to get the ball rolling for the next step. it rolled quickly and just as i was healing from my extraction site, they had to re-cut it open yesterday morning to do a bone graft in preparation for the implant they'll be putting in my toothless space. needless to say it's been kind of crazy week battling jetlag and surgery pain and on top of that i also seem to have come down with a cold! =X i'm kind of a mess right now! but God is good and i do have pain medicine, which i'm thankful for!

***in other news, my dear friend charissa recently got engaged and is getting married this fall! we've had a ton of fun tossing ideas around and planning for a beautiful october barn wedding, and my bridesmaid dress arrived in the mail today and is so cute! =) weddings are such fun and i'm so thankful we were able to move back in time to be a part of it!

that's all for now, as a pain pill and some rest are calling my name... but i hope all is well with all of you! =)


sonshinymom said...

Man, what an ordeal with your tooth ! I hope and pray it heals up real fast. So glad Ben is back with you and no more navy! :)