15 February 2010

things we will NOT miss...
-strange looking (and tasting!) food
-crazy tiny roads
-scooter riders that go around you and go slow!
-poorly insulated apartment
-crazy trucks that scream from their speakers
-annoying neighbour's bass thumping through our walls at night
-rainy season
-not being able to watch tv online due to copyrights
-limited shopping selections at grocery store and NEX
-14 hour+ time difference
-being so far away from our friends and family

things we WILL miss...
-polite people
-nice scenery
-sasebo elementary
-cheap cell phone plans
-100 yen stores!
-our shower and heated toilet seat
-steak salon
-interesting culture

less than one week left!


Jessie said...

so excited to see you guys when you are back! I hope your last week goes smoothly and quickly

Charity said...

4 days!! I can't believe it. It will be soo nice to have you back in the States again :)

Marcie said...

I'm just so excited to have you back so close! and in the same time zone :) Can't wait to see you in the coming months!