they're here!

06 April 2009

mom and dad made it to japan from the states to visit during spring break.
ben was able to be here for a day, but he's already gone again out to sea :(

here are a few pictures of our visit so far!
it's been great to have them here... just wish ben was too!

cherry blossoms!

at an overlook to 99 islands...


at the zoo by our house...

on a boat taking a tour of 99islands...


more pictures and adventures to come... :)


Charity and Tony said...

99 islands looks so beautiful! So glad you are having such a good time. I want to come and be your next visitor :-)

The Botmas said...

so awesome that they were able to come. stinks that ben can't be w/you, but at least your not alone on your break! have fun.

Marcie said...

I love the Cherry Blossoms! Beautiful! So glad you parents were able to visit. Looks like so much fun.