nagasaki adventures...

07 April 2009

yesterday we took the train out to nagasaki!
we walked around and explored a lot... saw the peace park (for the atomic bombing), the peace hall, the museum, and a neat temple. here are some pics! :)

peace park had neat huge statue, and beautiful fountain in the shape of wings...
statue in peace park, nagasaki

fountain in peace park, nagasaki

mom and i, nagasaki

they called this ground zero:
ground zero - nagasaki

my super cute momma!
cute momma

and the temple
temple in nagasaki

temple in nagasaki

we are staying busy and enjoying our time together.... more pictures to come... :)


The Botmas said...

fun times in jap! lov ya.

Charity said...

Love the pictures! Looks like such a great time. :-)