happy heart day

14 February 2009

funny enough last year i got our taxes done on v.day. this year i got them done yesterday - the day before v.day. haha. :)
i also had some fun with my 5 year olds as they passed out valentine treats, and i thought i'd share a few pictures...
here are my crazy kiddos:
valentines day at school

we made and decorated these mailboxes out of covered cereal boxes and they stored all our treats perfectly! :)
valentines day at school

this was a craft we did earlier in the week...
heart men!

and because he is amazing and he loves me, my sweet wonderful hubby sent me these BEAUTIFUL flowers to school and totally brightened my day! (he spoils me!)
beaaautiful flowers

so, all that to say, happy heart day from japan! <3
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Charissa said...

um YOU are SO stinkin' cute. :) i love the picture of your kids. you can just tell by looking that they're a crazy bunch. :) and I totally remember making those valentine things with the crinkly legs when I was in elementary school! ha ha! so fun.

Beautiful flowers from the hubs. :)

I love you loads!

Melissa said...

Looks like a fun day :)
sorry Ben is not there with you, we're both alone on this heart filled day :(
Your flowers are beautiful! that was really sweet of him to send them to you...

Way to have fun with the little ones :) you're always so creative with them.

Jessie said...

Happy Valentines Day!! You have a very thoughtful husband. Love you!!!

Charity and Tony said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
I love the pictures :-)
Your kiddos are so cute, but I can also tell that they have lots of energy!!
Sorry your hubby is gone on this day, but I hope you've been able to talk to him! The flowers are beautiful.
Love you.

The Botmas said...

i wish i was in your class! it looks like so much fun. yeah just from the picture your kids look like a CRAZY group. wish we could spend v-day together...we would prob watch newly weds (divorced) and eat junk food in our pj's all day and night!

the keith fam said...

It looks as if you had a great day. I love the craft. We made those last year as a family...googly eyes and all. Your classroom of kids are adorable. That hubby of yours...kuddos to him! :)

Marcie said...

Beautiful flowers! You're so good to your class - such good ideas, way cute. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!