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28 February 2009

of Mrs. Graves' Kindergarten Class. :)

(click on above picture to see their faces better) :)

This year has definitely been interesting.... there is never a dull moment when you have a classroom full of 21 hyperactive, full of energy 5 year olds!
I have stories that I should have been blogging about.. but last week we had one that I couldn't resist sharing. (DISCLAIMER: Bodily functions will be talked about here..) :)

On a Friday that had already had it's share of drama, my aid came in during my lunch break with one of my kids at her side, and announced to me that "John peed on his pants". My response was "Umm, that's not John." (thinking that this was incredibly obvious). She said - "I know - John PEED on Dan's pants." (Dan was the one standing next to her). "I'm sorry, WHAT?!" *I was super confused at this point* How did JOHN pee on DAN's pants!? Well -- apparently Dan had accidentally peed on John's hand while they were in the bathroom, so what does John do? Whips it out and pees ALL over Dan's pants. I'm talking SOAKED! OHHHH my. Haha. Thankfully he had a change of clothes and I didn't have to do much... except give John a stern talking to. (ps: names were changed to protect the not so innocent... haha)

Boys. :P

But speaking of boys... There is in particular that I sure do miss.... my wonderful husband! This week was pretty rough as we had very limited communication.... but I was able to talk to him for a bit yesterday, so that was great. I am anxiously awaiting his return.... and we are quickly approaching our 2 year wedding anniversary! Hard to believe March is only hours away here in Japan!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends.... :)
Love from Japan!


Cristina said...

That is HILARIOUS! Makes me glad I don't have boys.

Charity and Tony said...

Oh my goodness. I had been wondering how that had happened.. thanks for sharing the story.
You certainly have your hands full, Mrs. Graves!!
Hope you are able to talk to your husband much more often this week. Love you.

Regan said...

my boy and his best friend would DEFINITELY do that! LOL!

Marcie said...

HAHA!!! Gotta love those kiddos :) I would love to hear more stories about your little ones!

The Botmas said...

oh my word...those are the stories that make me miss teaching...the ones you'll never forget. my last class was so good it was almost boring. be thankful for the never ending excitement.