they're here!

06 April 2008

the cherry blossoms have arrived, and they are just beautiful!
and perfect timing as its my spring break this week! =) ben was able to take a few days off and we get to go explore and hang out, so we are thrilled. we started today actually! so here are some pictures...




it was a great day with wonderful weather, so there were lots of families out - and i spotted this cutie climbing up the slide:
cute kid

we had a great time, and are loving these days of getting to hang out! =)
so happy together

also last week we took all the kids to the park for lunch and games, and they convinced me to get on the tire swing... i think this picture says it all! haha.


happy spring to all from us here in japan!


Graeme Pitman said...

wow...I guess spring looks amazing no matter where you are!

Reagan said...

I love the tire swing picture - looks like you are having a blast :)

Jessie said...

It looks so beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.

The Keith Fam said...

ugh! Where can I book a ticket to Japan??? Those are just gorgeous pictures! Love the tire swing - bringing back the kid in you!
Hope you guys are having a great time together!

Graeme and Ashlee said...

Can we be blogger friends?