spring break adventures, pt 2

08 April 2008

So. Here we are. It's Wednesday morning in Japan, raining like crazy and so we are staying in - catching up on some rest, playing guitar hero, and posting pictures from yesterdays adventures! =)
I am really proud of us, because we were super adventurous yesterday. We got in our little car and drove 3 hours west of Sasebo to go explore! We stopped first to double check our map and directions, and then we were off! We saw some great sites along the way, and stopped first at Shimabara castle. very pretty.

shimabara castle


shimabara castle

then we were off to mt. unzen. its a set of 3 mountains all together - one of which i guess is really a volcano that erupted 10-20 years ago! it was very cool, we drove on the mountain up this windy road and hiked up some of them. it was a perfect day for it, beautiful, sunny and warm. =) it made me wish we had many more days like that in japan - both off of work with places to go and sites to see. but since they are few and far between i guess it makes me appreciate them more. =) here are some shots we got of the mountains!


mt. fugen


us again!

On the way to all these places, we came across a sign for a waterfall. But we didnt have a good chance to turn off and find it - but we did on our way home! It was in a park and was very peaceful. Great way to end our long fun day of exploring. =)



As always, we have tons more pictures on our flickr sites. =) Check them out if you have time! Hope you are having as fun this week as we are!


Anonymous said...
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Marcie said...

How beautiful! Looks like a second honeymoon.

Jessie said...

Wow, it is so beautiful. What a fun day to spend together.

The Keith Fam said...

just gorgeous...and so are the sights! :)

Charity and Tony said...

Beautiful pictures, Kristi. I'm so glad you and Ben were able to have such fun adventures this week!!
I totally want to come to Japan and go sight-seeing with you. :-)

mattandsteph said...

Beautiful pictures Kristi! Glad you are having such a wonderful and special time with your hubby!

Anonymous said...

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