long weekend.

19 February 2008

hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! i didnt do a whole lot, because i am still fighting this silly cold/sinus infection it seems, but i did have lunch with a friend, and got inspired enough to make a few cards again! its been a while since i have had the energy to sit down and work on them with all the school stuff going on, but here is one i made - i got the idea from a magazine, and tweaked it around to make it how i wanted it. i think it turned out pretty cute. =) today it was back to school, and i am just continuing to count down the weeks til ben gets home! keep praying for him if you think about it, because he is super duper busy! we dont get to talk much, but when we do i can hear how tired he is in his voice. he is such a hard worker, and i am so proud of him, but i know he needs a break! so pray that he gets one soon. =) thanks friends!


heart day.

14 February 2008

well, all things considered it wasnt too bad.

i went to school, got some chocolate from the kids, tried to convince them not to eat more than one pixie stick for breakfast... haha. and then just before math, this wonderful surprise was delivered to my room!

flowers from my valentine!

even though my valentine is out at sea, he still got me flowers! isnt he amazing? =) they totally made my day. =)

hope you all have a happy heart day!

how romantic.

09 February 2008

so guess what i will be doing on valentine's day?

Photo 45

getting our taxes done.

how romantical.

(i miss ben!)