heart day.

14 February 2008

well, all things considered it wasnt too bad.

i went to school, got some chocolate from the kids, tried to convince them not to eat more than one pixie stick for breakfast... haha. and then just before math, this wonderful surprise was delivered to my room!

flowers from my valentine!

even though my valentine is out at sea, he still got me flowers! isnt he amazing? =) they totally made my day. =)

hope you all have a happy heart day!


Reagan said...

Wow that is AWESOME!

Marcie said...

What a sweet hubby. Those are so beautiful! Love you!

The Keith Fam said...

That is incredible and those flowers are just gorgeous!
(mmm, I also love that fun dip that I see on your desk - a childhood memory)

Jessie said...

YEAH!! What a great husband. So sweet.

Xavier said...

Hey there! I was reading another friend's blogspot from Sasebo and then ran across yours! Glad you were able to get some flowers on V-day in addition to mounds of chocolates and pixie stix from the kiddos. take care,

Angie and Jason said...

I'm with Grace...I'm eyeing the fun dip!

How sweet of Ben! :)

Charity and Tony said...

the roses are beautiful!! what a sweet valentine's day surprise.

Capt. X and family said...

Hey, not sure how to get a hold of you. So email me if you get a chance. xavierflores77@gmail.com
Jaqui and her family are coming over tonight and you are invited too. Xav and Nic and Max