cake pops!

08 May 2010

thanks to my friend ashlee for giving me the recipe to try these adorable cake pops :)

cake pops

i made these for my mom and grandma for mother's day, and although i need to practice more, they turned out cute and taste yummy! :)

here's my cutie grandma...
yam and kristi :)

happy mother's day to all you moms and mom's-to-be out there, especially my sweet, wonderful momma!!


Grant and Jodie said...

so fun! you'll have to share with me how to do it. love ya

Marcie said...

Those look awesome! I agree with Jodie, show us how you did it! Yummy :)

aimee said...

i love the cake pops! has a million more cake pop recipes too. even a cheesecake one. i made those a few weeks ago for a party at dave's work and they were a huge hit! i miss you, my friend.