snow day!

12 January 2010

for the first time since i've been teaching here in japan, it snowed enough on a weeknight that we got a SNOW DAY! :) this is how it looks outside our window right now:

i'm definitely not minding the day off as we had a kindergarten potluck family night last night, and i was at school for 12 hours! sadly, though, the ship doesn't recognize or celebrate snow days =( (silly ship!) so ben is at work, but hopefully won't be have to stay too long and can come home and play!

some random updates:

*we went on a date last weekend to our favorite restaurant here in sasebo called "Steak Salon". it's definitely something we'll miss when we leave japan! it's a mom and pop type restaurant and is run by a cute older couple, with only enough seating for about 12 people. the food is SOOOO good! we've taken all our visitors there and they've all loved it as much as we do. :) here we are standing outside:

and getting some hot chocolate from starbucks on the chilly walk back to the car through the ginza:

*yesterday i finished a 40 card order from a friend of mine, and here are a few...

*we're still plugging away trying to get things ready for our move! reminds me of that song we used to sing at church "the countdown's getting lower every day"! =) please keep us in your prayers as we finish our time here in japan!

happy snow day!


Charity said...

We used to sing that song in S.S. too :)
How fun that you have a snow day...I'm hoping we will have one soon too! Enjoy :)
You guys are such a cute couple.
Can't wait til you are finally in the States!!

Mark, Emily, Lillie and Titus said...

You guys are soooo cute Kristi! Your cards look beautiful!

Melissa Gullberg said...

I love the cards Kristi :) how fun to be so creative...