october fun in mrs. graves class

01 November 2009

on friday we wore our costumes to school and all my kids dressed up except one! (so we dressed him up so he wouldn't feel left out) :) i was a butterfly again...

here we are!

in other news, ben left a few days ago.. :( boo hoo!

it's been busy at school lately - this week is the end of first quarter for us which means teacher work days and parent conferences... "fun" :P

i've been reminiscing the last few days as i've been here hanging out by myself, how this is the third october i've spent in japan. in some ways it's hard to believe we've been here almost 3 years, and in other ways it feels longer. we've sure had a lot of adventures and changes and ups and downs (as life always does, i suppose). thank you for praying for us as we get ready for another big change and leave japan for new adventures!

happy november!


Kathy said...

looks like you are a very fun teacher Mrs. Graves! =)

Marcie said...

How fun! You all look so cute :) Counting down the days until you return! Sorry Ben had to leave once again :(

Reagan said...

it seems like forever ago that you got married and moved away. when is his tour up again???