guess where we are!

27 September 2009

...on our vacation in HAWAII!!!!!! :D

we met my parents here saturday morning and are having a nice stay here in honolulu!
yesterday we hit up the north shore, dole plantation for some yummy dole whips, ate at a local mexican restaurant... and today we visited pearl harbor and saw the uss arizona memorial, took a shopping trip to the huge "swap meet" and ben and i visited the beach for a little fun while my parents relaxed and read books. what a nice time! it's the first real "vacation" ben and i have ever taken since we got married, and we're enjoying it! we're headed out soon to eat some yummy steak for dinner, and tomorrow we go to the polynesian cultural center before we leave on our island hop to maui on tuesday.

just wanted to check in and say hello from hawaii! :)

here are a couple of pictures as always...


Charissa said...

YAY!!!!! :) sounds like you're having a fabulous time! love the pictures. you're so pretty! :)

soak up every minute and enjoy it to the fullest!

praying for Ben's test!

Melissa Gullberg said...

Love the pictures! have a fabulous time, and I hope the time goes slowly for yall :)

Jessie said...

So glad you to are having a great time-enjoy it!!! Soak up the sun for me :)
love you guys!

The Essons said...

Have a WONDERFUL time Kristi! Matt and I dream of Hawaii one of these days!

~Carol said...

We were supposed to be in Honolulu at the same time! It would have been fun to meet up with you there. We spent the week in the hospital with Lily instead. =( We will plan another trip when she's well. Would you like to meet us there then?!