been a little while...

17 August 2008

since i posted! sorry about that.
i went away for a few days last week and got to ride on ben's ship actually! that was fun and we had a nice time together hanging out... (i don't have the pictures, though - they are on the camera he still has with him).
since getting back i have been trying to get ready for school - teachers have to be there on wednesday! but it is kind of hard to get ready because i still am not sure exactly what job i have! haha. thankfully the LORD knows, but i'll certainly be glad when i know too!
yesterday i went and explored w some girls i have been hanging out w lately. they are very sweet, and we had a nice day - even though we got soaked from the rain! we didn't get to see as much of this temple as we wanted because of the rain, but i did get a few pictures of the sites, and the girls.

the girls


after wards we watched movies, made cards, and ate chicken salad sandwiches :)

card making

hope you all are enjoying the last days of summer! its hard to believe that school is almost back in swing. i am looking forward to being busy again as ben is not here, and i am really missing him! i am not looking forward to a long fall away from my hubby, that's for sure. if you think of it, please pray for us - we are getting weary of being apart and being here. thanks, friends. we miss and love you all!


Melissa said...

I have missed your posts! I was excited to see that you had a new one. I'm glad you got to spend afew days on the ship with Ben, that must have been so nice.

How long is he gone this time? I will most definetly keep you two in my prayers. I know how hard it is, I was having a really hard day today missing Scott. We just have to keep on pressing on and the Lord will bless us for our determination and reliance on Him, I know, easier said then done right? Praying for you...