on a card-making kick...

31 July 2008

after being asked last week by a sweet friend if i've made many cards lately, i realized i really hadn't! and after complaining of being bored this week while ben was at work, i decided i needed to do just that! :)
so i did!

here are a few that i really liked
(the pictures aren't that great... but you get the idea anyway i think). :)

thank u



and you know i've been making a lot of this kind lately,

especially since we have more than 12 friends right now who are having babies between now and feb. (isn't that nuts?) - one friend who's having a baby today!! angie, we are excited to see pictures of brady and praying all goes smoothly!

that's all for now. hope you all have a great weekend! can't believe it's already august, can you? :)

2 of my favorite....

30 July 2008

... people! on either side of me! what a blessing. :)

thanks for posting your pictures, charissa. miss you!!

sunday "funny"

27 July 2008

so yesterday afternoon we were all set to go see batman. i was pretty excited because i have been really wanting to see it. so we got in the car, and headed to the 2pm movie. the first sign of trouble was when we got to the base, we realized we didn't have ben's id, so we had to go home to get it. but that's ok. we had left in enough time to get back to the movie before it started, so we quickly did so. we got there pretty close to 2, and i was so focused on getting in there that i just said 2 tickets please (there is only 1 showing at a time in our little base theater), we got our runts, and found a seat. i was surprised there were not more people in the theater, as batman just opened this weekend here. but i was just glad we were there. after a few minutes of sitting, the welcome lady came over the speakers and said "thank you for choosing the showboat theater, and we hope you enjoy the feature film - hancock". ben and i looked at each other and said - HANCOCK!? yup. in such a rush i hadn't double checked to make sure i was remembering the schedule correctly and hancock was playing at 2pm, batman wasn't playing until 6:30. oops. so we saw hancock instead (which was funny, btw) and hopefully will get to see batman this week one night. sometimes i am such a blonde. :P hehehe.
Photo 47

happy birthday!!!

18 July 2008

to my goofy...
before we left

my adventurous hubby :)

benny boo

and amazing husband ben!

i love you and can't wait to spend another year with you!!! :D

fuji-san and friends :)

17 July 2008

what a whirlwind these last 2 weeks have been.
seems like just a day or two ago that we went to pick up our friends... yet we were there today saying goodbye! :( so sad.
time flew, and what a great time it was.
little recap:

for those of you who have asked -- YES! we survived fuji!
i know i need to put up more details... heres the readers digest version for now :)
it took 8 hours to get to the top with our group of 25 or so...
we stayed up there for about 30 min. (it was cold!!) and then made the climb down in about 3 1/2 hr. it was the hardest thing any of us has ever done, and let me just say that the way down was like 12,000 times worse than the way up! i know that doesnt sound right, but it was all downhill gravel/volcanic ash, and it HURT! my big toe is not in very good shape... but we did it!! haha. :) we can say we climbed fuji and lived to tell about it, but as ben would say... Never Again! hehe.
charissa and i got bought sticks and had them stamped at the bottom, the middle, and the top of the mtn... (you can get them at every station - about 20 stamps in all!) we were a little sad we didn't go ahead and get every one, but they were about $2/a piece... but we at least have our stamp that says we reached the top! and they were a HUGE help in the balance department, too!

as always, here are some pictures from our adventures:

at the start of the climb - about 5am
climbing mt. fuji!

during the climb:
the climbers

during the climb

at the top!
the last torii gate as we made it to the top

top of mt. fuji!

friends :)
my dear friend!

the boys :)

my honey and me :)

we have had a wonderful time with our friends, and are so glad they were able to come. what a blessing to have a taste of home again. we played games, went shopping, explored, ate sushi, climbed fuji, saw a waterfall, visited a hot springs -- just had a visit packed with fun times! the only downside of their visit was the heat... (its pretty hot here now that the rainy season is over!) and that it was too short! we were certainly sad to see them go today! i guess now we have to get back to "normal" life here in sasebo. :P

but... anyone else want to come use our guest room?!?!?! :)

so fun :)

10 July 2008

We are having a blast. It's been great to be able to share our life here with our friends from home, and we have been staying busy! It's also really HOT here! :O And we are packing up this morning to get ready to leave for FUJI this afternoon! Hard to believe it's already here! I am sure we will have lots of stories to tell when we return from our adventures.... but for now here are some more pictures from the last few days! :)

Charissa and I did some shopping and had coffee with my friend Kelly:
at starbucks

and yesterday we took them out to a waterfall:
the boys

the girls


We've also taken a boat ride around the 99 islands and played Apples to Apples... :)
Well, that's all for now... Wish us luck as we head out this afternoon for the biggest adventure yet!

they're here!!!

08 July 2008

our friends arrived safe and sound last night (monday night japan time) =)
we drove to the airport (an adventure as we had never done it before), made it without any trouble and were so thrilled to drive them back! they were super tired - didn't sleep at all on the flight here! what troopers. but i am pretty sure that made it work out for them in the end to get a good nights sleep last night and feel semi-rested today! they felt pretty good all day today and dont seem to have a lot of jetlag, which is such answer to prayer! =)
here are the faithful travelers:
they're here!!

i woke them up this morning in hopes to keep everyone on a good schedule, and we went out to the ginza to explore. and i showed them one of our favorite video games - we call it "drum drum" but i don't think thats the actual name of it... haha. =)
drum drum!

ben has duty today, so we didn't get to see him much =( but we got to take him dinner and visit for a bit so they could see the ship, and him! here we are! all in japan - crazy!
on the ship

more adventures and pictures to come.... =D we're so glad they are here!

exploring japan....

06 July 2008

we've been going out and trying some of the directions we picked up on base to see different spots around sasebo. so, on friday -ben had the day off - we drove about 30 min. away to see a very neat waterfall!



we ran into someone who offered to take our picture for us...

we also ran into a few of these guys:

we've definitely been enjoying our time together. :)
hope everyone had a happy 4th!
ps: our friends get here TOMORROW!