Camping out

19 January 2008

Well it has been a busy month and soon it will be time to go underway again for two months. This is not exactly my favorite thing in the world to do because it involves leaving Kristi alone. I wanted to hope that it would somehow become easier to go after deploying twice now but it has only become harder. We try not to talk about it a ton, we just prepare together and wait.

The past weeks in Sasebo have been great though, and I've throughly enjoyed the time I can spend with Kristi. Work has also become enjoyable for the most part as I've finally found a niche and am staying quite busy. Happily I am also nearly done with my AA degree, and have completed 21 college credits in the past 9 months while working full time. Praise God for that! I actually got an A in my last two classes, Western Civ and Biology! Hopefully by summer I will have achieved my AA degree, and can set a new goal to work towards a BS.

Today Kristi and I picked up some of my uniforms from the dry cleaners, picked up a few toiletries, and I dropped off a seabag full of clothes on the ship. Since then though we've felt kinda ill and have been relaxing at home. About an hour ago we decided we should make a fort and put up a few blankets in the living room. We're now laying on the floor with some blankets and a sleeping bag, and a few blankets above us. We're not sure why we both felt the sudden urge to do it, but it's been a lot of fun to just do something random and silly. I'm throughly enjoying it, and we're about to watch some of Heroes season two on the laptop while hiding out in our tent.

Other than all this, things are going well. I've had no time for photography, but have happily gotten small digital camera to take along with me underway and port visits. It won't replace the lens I broke in Cambodia, but it's much smaller and less of a pain to lug along with me on all the random adventures while underway.

This will be my last post for a while as I can't log in to google services on the ship, but I'm sure Kristi will be updating on occasion. I hope all of our friends are doing well, we love you all and miss you much.



Charity and Tony said...

What a fun idea to make a fort in your living room!
We'll definitely be praying for you two as you get ready to head out for another couple months on the ship, Ben. Congrats on your good grades too!
Take care!

Kim Williams said...

good to hear an update!
glad you are doing well, but sad that you will need to be apart again. Be safe!

Jessie said...

I love fun and random stuff. Joe and I run around the house and try to peg each other with squishy balls on occasion. I hope you deployment goes well we will continue to be praying for you both. Love You!