on a card-making kick...

31 July 2008

after being asked last week by a sweet friend if i've made many cards lately, i realized i really hadn't! and after complaining of being bored this week while ben was at work, i decided i needed to do just that! :)
so i did!

here are a few that i really liked
(the pictures aren't that great... but you get the idea anyway i think). :)

thank u



and you know i've been making a lot of this kind lately,

especially since we have more than 12 friends right now who are having babies between now and feb. (isn't that nuts?) - one friend who's having a baby today!! angie, we are excited to see pictures of brady and praying all goes smoothly!

that's all for now. hope you all have a great weekend! can't believe it's already august, can you? :)


Robin said...

Kristi, ADORABLE!! You're inspiring me. I haven't made any for so long, but now I'm dying to!

Charissa said...

you are so cute. :)
I'm really sad we didn't make any while I was there. I think the time just got away from us. we should've been doing that while the boys were playing video games!!! haha!

and no I can't believe it's August already. the funny thing is that next August will be here before we know it and we'll be saying the same thing. :)


Ashley said...

Such cute cards! I love the baby one especially. Keep it up, Kristi! You're super talented.

Melissa said...

You're so creative Kristi! I really like all the cards you make, that's a great idea to keep you from being bored :)